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  • Do Pallets rot?
    Yes, if pallets are left outside over a period of time they will begin to go discoloured and rot. If you keep them in a dry, indoor location they will remain in the same condtion.
  • Do you deliver pallets?
    Yes! We deliver pallets across the local area free of charge on quantities over 50, if you are looking for smaller amounts, this can be done for a small charge or on a collection basis.
  • Where can I sell my pallets?
    We are always looking to purchase pallets and will buy them for cash. We welcome everyone to drop their pallets off at the gate or we can provide a collection service on good quality pallets when there are more than 50. Give us a call if you need anymore information on 01924 420143.
  • What pallets do I use to make furniture from?
    There is no specific pallet for making furniture however the most commonly used in a Grade A Euro pallet. We often have these in stock but do not deliver small quantities so will be on a collection only basis.
  • Are pallets heat treated?
    Our pallets are not heat treated as standard but can be done so on request. This will be done at an additional fee and the pallets will come with a heat treatment certificate.
  • What pallets are worth money?
    At Showcase Pallets, we purchase UK Standard Pallets, Euro Pallets and 45 Square's. If you need to know what these look like you can take a look at 'the pallets' page for more information!
  • How many pallets do I need for a pallet bed?
    This depends entirely on the size and height which you are looking for. Euro Pallets are 1200mm x 800mm and 140mm in height
  • Do my pallets need to be heat treated?
    Not all pallets need to be heat treated but in line with the new international regulations any pallets which are sent to the EU from the UK must be heat treated!
  • Can pallets be recycled?
    Yes pallets can be recycled and there is currently a trend of upcycling reused pallet wood! In our yard we reuse 95% of the pallets which we buy by either repairing them or stripping them down to use the timber on repairing other pallets.
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